Our Mission

The American Outdoor Adventure TV series is all things to the do-it-yourself outdoors men and women. It’s all about the hunting enthusiast who loads up the truck and heads out for the weekend to hunt as hard as they can before it’s time go home and back to work on Monday.

These hunters will probably never hire a guide or hunt from a catered lodge; they value the right tool for the job and appreciate the sharing of knowledge amongst brethren hunters.

Understanding this, the American Outdoor Adventure TV Series speaks directly to the DIY hunter’s passion, drive and spirit of self-reliance. We’re merging the TV formats of travel, tech tips, and most of all the lifestyles of outdoor hunting enthusiasts, and promoting traditional values with the promise of wilderness adventures. It’s like getting those “tips from around the campfire” that dad passed down years ago that still hold true today – tips you can trust.

We promise the viewer will learn something useful about the pursuit of outdoor adventure every week. We will be that group of experienced hunting buddies who understand the public land hunter and have the practical tips and equipment suggestions for success.

Format: Each week, the American Sportsman host will drive to a new hunting ground to meet up with local hunters to learn what it is they do.

We aren’t born with the ability to drive a car, build a house or stalk big game. Hunting skills, whether they’re passed down from our forefathers or learned from experience in the field, are perfected over time. But at the end of the day, the limitation of any experience is that you still “don’t know what you don’t know.” The sporting market is crowded with a bewildering array of products and choices.

The job of the American Sportsman’s host is to be the person who doesn’t know everything, but isn’t too afraid or embarrassed to ask the basic questions most men won’t. He’ll ask, “why’d you do that?” and “is this the best place to be, and why?” to make the information accessible.

Our series will travel the western states to engage local sportsmen that everyone can relate to on their home terrain, and get their tips on hunting the local species they know best. We’ll bring industry experts and hunters together to exchange information on today’s trends and products that support the love of camping and hunting in the great outdoors.

The American Sportsman is about educating the viewing/buying audience. We’ll ask all the right questions to get answers and information that empower the hunting and shooting enthusiast.

The ultimate goal is to build the viewer’s confidence to make sound purchase decisions, whether it be the choice for the next hunt, the camping gear they bring, or the next scope for their rifle.

Producer: Executive Producer and Director Michael Slee of Zaragoza Pictures, Inc. has been producing reality action TV programs and feature films since 1986.

After September 11th, 2001, Michael shifted his focus to the military mission overseas in support of warfighters and their families, Slee has deployed with US Army infantry combat units to Iraq and Afghanistan ten times, totaling nearly a year and a half in combat. He and his wife created Operation Patriot Care Package to raise the nation’s awareness to the separation of the military families over the length of a yearlong deployment. Examples of these productions can be found at www.PatriotCarePackage.com and on the company website, www.ZaragozaPictures.com.

Slee’s experiences include reality law enforcement programs The Real Stories of the Highway Patrol and LAPD Life on the Beat. These productions prepared him as a producer, director and camera operator to stay focused and calm in high-intensity, life-or-death situations. Michael coined the phrase, “If it’s not on tape… it didn’t happen.” Hunting programs are no different.

Michael’s last production for the Discovery Channel came as part of the searchers crew who discovered the missing explorer Steve Fossett’s downed plane for the show Steve Fossett: What Went Wrong. Slee was previously the field producer and director of the Animal Planet hit pilot, The Bear Whisperer, with Steve Searles. Based on the success of the two-hour special, the network launched the series, which aired last year.

These experiences taught Slee the most important thing about filmmaking: if you can’t put the audience in the passenger seat with you, you didn’t do your job. That is our mandate – to bring the viewer along with us on American’s outdoor adventures.

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