American Heroes

SFC Russell P. Borea U.S. Army
End of Mission, January 19, 2007
Mosul, Iraq KIA
SFC Russell P. Borea, born July 28, 1968 in Stanford Connecticut. Died, January 19, 2007 at the young age of 38 while serving his country and fighting for freedom in Iraq. SFC P. Borea joined the U.S. Army in 1995. This outstanding and well decorated soldier received numerous awards and metals including: Combat Infantry Bagde, Drill Sergeant Identification Badge, Bronze Star Metal and Purple Heart. He attended Troy State University, graduated Magna Cum Laude, received a B.S. Degree in Social Science with a concentration in History, Russell was a dedicated husband and endearing father. This tender hearted, humble man was full of integrity, wisdom, loyalty, and compassion. He was a beloved son, brother,and friend. A true patriot to his country this american soldier is survived by his wife Maria N. Borea and daughter Marialena G. Borea. Dear sweet Russell we miss you each and every day and love you always.

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